Local Focus & Current Initiatives

Who does Laguna FORWARD Benefit?


We fiercely support the private property rights of our resident homeowners. Whether it’s a state mandate or a change to local zoning ordinances, we will keep you informed about changes that affect your rights to the peaceful enjoyment of your property.

Business Owners

We are committed to a vibrant and successful business community. From outdoor dining to solving circulation and parking issues, we are dedicated to the success of the people who provide our restaurants, entertainment and shopping opportunities.


We support quality education and opportunities for physical health and safety. We also support environmental issues like maintaining the blue belt and greenbelt that will affect the future of our youth.


We promote sharing our beautiful town with visitors from all over the world. We especially welcome visitors who stay in our hotels, support our restaurants and provide bed tax which supports our art programs.


Our valued seniors are respected by Laguna FORWARD. We support all initiatives that allow our seniors to “age in place” and continue to enjoy the village that they have lived in and loved for so many years of their lives.

City Staff

We believe in a teamwork approach to communication and action. By reaching out to our city staff and establishing positive relationships, working together, listening to each other, acting for mutual benefit; we all benefit.

The risks if we don't act

Laguna Beach is under attack. State legislated mandates dictate change daily, often without regard for the very residents they are sworn to serve. Within, an active group of naysayers oppose any change to our community because they fear change.
  • Emergency Preparedness

    We want to educate residents on the need to prepare for a disaster. Whether its fire, flood or earthquake, we promote public welfare. With only have two ways in and out of town, Pacific Coast Highway north and south and Highway 133. We need to plan and practice for what may come. By maintaining a high level of trust and communication with our Fire and Police departments, we will have the best information available for preparing for a major event.
  • Environmental Impacts

    Our beaches, parks, hillsides are world famous for their beauty. People come from all over the world to enjoy them. We need to protect our open space, make recreational opportunities available to all and manage our environment responsibly for generations to come. We also need to be mindful of our aging infrastructure which needs updating and improving.
  • Traffic and Circulation

    Some mistakenly believe that traffic will magically disappear if you don’t build another building in town. The county is expanding, and Laguna Beach is completely built out. It cannot grow larger; it can only improve on what is here now. Visitors will continue to come whether you plan for them or not. Let’s work together to figure out a way to improve this, so we can both share in the quality of life that Laguna Beach offers.
  • Housing and the Human Element

    The cost of housing is at an all-time high. Unlike other cities in the County, we have no room for expansion yet the State mandates accommodation of low- and moderate-income housing. How can this be accomplished with the price of a modest house exceeding two million dollars in Laguna Beach? By promoting Accessory Dwelling Units, homeowners can provide on-site housing for their adult children, senior relatives or affordable rentals. Multifamily units can be designed for specific population needs like student housing or day-worker housing. Creative housing alternatives will provide a ladder from renter to homeowner, creating opportunity for all. Streamlining approval of new and remodeled housing will help keep the price of housing in check, Laguna Forward actively supports streamlining both the municipal code and the approval process.
  • Our Gifted Artists

    Laguna Beach is known as an artistic community. The needs of our creative community need consideration. From artist work/live units to solving seasonal downtown parking issues so the art festivals can thrive, these are issues we want to find positive solutions to.
  • Commercial and Retail Zone

    Let’s work together to end the blight of “for rent” retail and commercial properties. Too many vacant spaces and too many commercial properties are falling into disrepair because of bureaucratic red tape in processing paperwork to open new businesses. Let’s work to end the madness and streamline the process to open a business in Laguna Beach.

Key Impact Areas

Emergency Preparedness for the Public

Environmental Impact

Traffic & Circulation

Housing & the Human Element

Our Gifted Artists

Commercial Zone & Retail


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