Our Mission

Respect the Past, Prepare for the Future

Laguna FORWARD is a non-profit of local residents who want to see our community grow and prosper while honoring Laguna’s rich history of responsible growth. We seek to bring change through the democratic process, supporting high-integrity, well qualified candidates who want to uplift our community with a new model.

We believe in restoring individual property rights, engaging local business, attracting new innovation to our community, and always being mindful of the balance between the tourism that drives our economy and the 20+ thousand residents who call Laguna home.

Laguna FORWARD, a journey to be proud of.

Go forward together.

Who Are We?

A non-partisan group of residents concerned with moving Laguna Beach forward and improving our quality of life.

What Do We Stand For?

  1. Protecting private property rights.
  2. Transparency and fiscal responsibility at city hall.
  3. Prosperity in our business and retail community.
  4. Positive solutions to circulation & parking challenges.
  5. Actively prioritize the sustainability of our green-belt & blue-belt communities for future generations.

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Our call to action is to support city council candidates who have Laguna’s brightest future in mind. We can accomplish this with the help of your time and talent as a valuable resident.

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