Join us, to protect Laguna's Future

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Respect the Past, Prepare for the Future.


Creating a Brighter Future for the City of Laguna Beach.

Our call to action is to support city council candidates who have Laguna’s brightest future in mind. We love this town, and want to see it thrive.

Go Forward Together.

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Our Mission

Preserving Property Rights

Laguna FORWARD supports private property rights. We believe in restoring the balance between owner rights & historical preservation within our town. We also believe in minimizing friction & costs for residents in the planning process.
Join now to protect your property rights

Thriving Local Businesses

Laguna FORWARD encourages prosperity for the business & retail community. Our goal is to inspire visionaries when it comes to trend-setting retail & the annals of gastronomy. We also believe in city-wide sustainability measures that support new businesses with sustainable infrastructure in place.
Local business owners take action now to ensure future success.

Quality of Life

In Laguna Beach, we are blessed with clean air, luxurious weather, and breath-taking scenery. From our beach coves to green-belt, this quality of life is our greatest asset. We must cherish the beauty of our city by focusing on sustainability, individual property rights, & the general safety of our residents.

Forward-Thinking City Hall

Laguna’s local government has fallen behind other coastal cities when it comes to future planning. We are stuck in a past model that stifles innovation and hurts the local community. Laguna FORWARD believes in solutions, from parking to zoning issues to affordable housing, that will move our town forward and improve our quality of life.

Our Artists

Laguna Beach & the arts have always gone hand-in-hand. Laguna FORWARD believes in prioritizing our artists and local artistic community so our town remains a symbol of eclectic inspiration and provides a safe-haven for creatives.


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